The Best Sex Toys for Men

Do you want to know what the best sex toys for men are? Check out this list and find out everything you need to know..

What are the best male sex toys?

Men want two things from their toys

  1. They want toys that give them pleasure.
  2. They want cool toys they can use on (or with) their partner.

Check out this list of awesome adult toys for the boys…

  • Male vibrators – There is a spot inside a man called the prostrate gland. Often called the p-spot, it is similar to the female g-spot (except you get to it from the backend). Like the female g-spot when stimulated correctly it can produce powerful full body orgasms. Believe it or not men can orgasm from p-spot stimulation with no direct stimulation of the penis! Male prostrate vibes are a great way of experimenting with the p-spot and an An adult toy for menessential tool in any man’s sexy toy arsenal.
  • Cock rings – Cock rings slightly restrict blood flow to the erect penis. This gives the man a larger, firmer erection. It also helps him to last longer and give him a much more intense orgasm when he reaches climax. Does this sound pretty darn good to you? Also if it’s a vibrating cock ring his partner can grind onto the vibe and then both lovers get extra pleasure from this tiny but powerful male sex toy.
  • Plastic pussies – These used to be treated like a joke but now more guys are using them as a sexy masturbation toy and why not? After all women have been fucking themselves silly with plastic cocks for a long, long time now!
  • Anal beads – Simply insert the beads and then on the moment of climax pull the beads out to massively increase the pleasure and sensitivity of the orgasm. Anal beads are really cheap, really fun and very easy to use… What more could you ask for?
  • Remote controlled vibrators –These are one of my all time fave adult toys for men! Even though it’s the woman that gets the direct pleasure guys love these. Simply put the toy on (or in), go out to a bar, club, party or whatever you fancy. Then who ever has the remote can press that magic little button whenever they want and watch their lover squirm..!
  • Spanking paddles – Some guys like spanking and some guys like being spanked! Personally I enjoy both, but one thing is for sure both spanking and being spanked is much, much better with the proper tools and equipment!
  • Strap-ons – Not for everyone but some guys love nothing more than to bend over and get fucked with a strap-on. They come with different types of harnesses, different sizes, with or without vibrators in them, etc to suit any desires you may have. Note – If you do fuck a guy with a strap-on, always play fair and give him a reach around wank!
  • Bondage restraints, handcuffs etc – Again some guys like to do the handcuffing and some guys like to be handcuffed…Yes you guessed it – I like both tee hee! There is something very sexy about a pair of strong steel handcuffs.
  • Sex machines – Sometimes guys need a rest, often their lady still needs more cock. Fucking machines are the answer, basically they are a thrusting dildo on a long stick. Just plug them in to the electric supply, insert the dildo into the most suitable hole then sit back and enjoy the show! (Of course he can also control the action with a remote control!).
  • Sex furniture – This makes fucking much easier. The furniture helps you get the right angles and better positions. Sex swings for example allow you to hold a woman up with out using any energy, meaning he can focus on fucking and not worry abut putting his back out!
  • Face dildos – Strap this bad boy onto your chin, slide it into her pussy then go to work on her clit (actually, now I come to think of this one it should probably be in sex toys for women).

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