Check Out These Strange and Crazy Sex Toys

Ever wondered what are some of the more strange and crazy adult toys? Check out this list of some of the more exotic toys on the market, what they do and how people use them…

Being the owners of an adult toy shop there is very little that surprises us in the way of strange sexy toys. However some of the crazy toys we sell even make our eyes open a little bit wider. Here are some of our absolute faves:

  1. Fucking machines – Yes they exist and yes you can buy them. You might have seen them in an adult movie as they are becoming very fashionable. The machines have an electric motor, which drives a thrusting rod. On one end of the rod a dildo is usually fixed (sometimes it’s a plastic pussy). While these toys don’t have the personal touch, they will never get tired, never suffer from premature ejaculation and can go all night long!
  2. Face dildos – Not the most elegant of toys Face Dildo in black but a clever idea for improved oral sex. The dildo is worn on the chin and inserted into the lady’s pussy while her clit is being licked. Great for giving combined clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time.
  3. HUGE sex toys – You might think there is nothing too strange or crazy about huge sex toys. Well there isn’t…. Apart from how big they are! I have no idea how people manage to insert some of these things inside themselves but I know I couldn’t do it..! LOL.
  4. Inflatable butt plugs – Yup… Butt plugs that inflate! Some people really like the feeling of being filled up and stretched internally.
  5. Remote control vibrators – These are great fun and a personal favorite of mine. Simple put it on, (or in depending on what type it is) then enjoy the fun. I love it when technology and sex comes together to create something as fun and horny as this!
  6. Sex furniture – From sex slings to bondage chairs, sex furniture is really popular. For example, you know that feeling of no matter how many positions you try you just can’t get the right angle? Well that’s why specially designed furniture is so good! It is created to help you get your bodies in exactly the position you want and need to enjoy much, much better sex.
  7. Chastity belts – Genuine, lockable leather and metal chastity belts really popular among certain parts of the bondage/SM community.
  8. Electro stimulation gadgets – They use safe, but still exciting mini-electric shocks for sexual stimulation. I suggest you don’t try these if you have a pacemaker!
  9. Speculums – A gynecological instrument used to hold the vagina wide open. Also used as a toy by some of our more kinky customers!
  10. Vampire Gloves – These leather gloves are loved by BDSM fans. They have tiny little metal spikes in the fingers tips meaning every touch or spank sends shivers of pain across the recipient’s body.

So now you know about some of the stranger toys why not check them out (and also the much more “normal” selections) by clicking this link…

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