Butt Plugs – Everything You Need to Know!

Butt plugs are a great little sex toy and they are also great if you want to experiment with anal intercourse and need some help to relax and open up to the idea…

Anal butt plugs are cheap, great for both men and women and really easy to use. So in my opinion you should try them out (if you haven’t already!?!?).

In this post I will answer the questions below and by the end of it you will be an expert!

  • What are they?Anal toys for couples
  • What are they for?
  • Are there different types?
  • What sizes do they come in?
  • Where can you buy them from?
  • How much do they cost?

What are they? – Butt plugs are special anal sex toys, they are designed to be inserted into the anus. They come in various shapes and sizes and usually have a wider handle of some sort to stop the whole plug from going inside.

What are they for? – Unlike dildos they aren’t designed for thrusting motions, they are just meant to be inserted and left in position. Often they are used to help relax the butt to make anal intercourse less painful (or even pain free).

They can also be used just for the fun of it. A lot of people like the feeling of being full and stretched. Some people like to insert a butt plug and then go about their daily life with no one knowing the sexy sensations they are feeling every time they move their bodies!

Are there different types? – Yes, there are a huge range of styles, sizes and colors for you to choose from. Glass sex toys

What sizes do they come in? – From the size of your little finger to ones bigger than a large fist, the size varies a lot.

How much do they cost? – Anywhere from a few dollars up to hundreds, it all depends on how big your budget is and how much you want to spend. Luckily butt plugs (unlike some sex toys) don’t need to be expensive to be good.

How can I use them to have lots of sexy anal fun? – For couples, one of the most fun types are the remote controlled ones. One person wears the toy while the other turns it on or off via remote control! You both go out to socialize and then enjoy your sexy fun in public (maybe don’t try this in the library)..! So now that you are officially an expert, why not check out our store and treat yourself to some sexy new toys to play with..?

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