The Secret Erotica Store – Our Top Sex Toys

What are the best sex toys? For men? For women? For couples?
Find out on this post…

Check out these questions that we often get asked…

  • What are our top adult toys?
  • What are the most technologically advanced?
  • Which ones cost only a few bucks but still give lots of pleasure?
  • Which are the best toys for men?
  • Which are best for women?
  • What is sex furniture?
  • How do remote controlled vibrators work?
  • Are glass dildos safe? Are they really made from glass?
  • What is a fucking machine?
  • What are the best spanking paddles?
  • What are face dildos?
  • What are the best types of cock ring?
  • What’s the best type of strap-on to buy?

What are our top toys? – Our top of the range branded vibes (for both men and women) are extremely popular. Some of the most popular brands include Lelo, Jimmyjane, Gigi and Lily, but this is just a few as our store has a huge range of branded suppliers.

What are the most technologically advanced? – The fucking machines, the finger tips vibes and the remote controlled toys are by far the techiest. They aren’t as cheap as some of the other toys but if you have the budget they are well worth the investment.

Which ones cost only a few bucks but still give lots of pleasure? – That’s an easy one. We have a clearance section for any bargain hunters and it’s packed with fun toys all at seriously low prices.

Which are the best toys for men? – Of course this all depends on the man in question, but our prostrate vibes, plastic pussies, cock rings and anal toys are all really popular with our male customers.

Which are best for women? – Again this is down
to the individual but the top quality vibes and dildos really are amazing for the ladies. Then of course if you are really serious about buying the top sex toys, the fucking machines have got to be worth some consideration!

What is sex furniture? – Great question. Our furniture collection ranges from hanging swings to specially angled pillows. They are all designed to make sex more fun and to allow couples to enjoy better positions than they would normally. (You know that annoying feeling when know matter how many pillows and cushions you use, you just cant get the right angle?) Well that’s where the sex furniture comes in handy.

How do remote controlled vibrators work? – It is really simple. Whatever remote controlled toy you buy, you just pop it in and then either you or your partner can turn it on or off and control the intensity using a simple little battery powered remote. These toys are really popular and a lot of fun.

Are glass dildos safe? Are they really made from glass? – Yes, they are easy to clean, super strong and very safe… And yes they are made from real glass you can pop them in warm water or the fridge depending on how you feel to vary the sensations.

What is a fucking machine? – A sex machine uses an electric motor to create a thrusting action. Usually this action is attached to a dildo but it can also be attached to a plastic pussy so guys can enjoy the fun as well. These machines aren’t cheap but they are a lot of fun if you can afford them.

What are the best spanking paddles? – This really depends on your own personal tastes. You can chose from leather, wood or plastic. They all come in lots of shapes and sizes to suit all tastes and requirements.

What are face dildos? – These are strap on dildos that are mounted on the face or head so that someone can get face fucked by their partner. NOT for the faint-hearted or more vanilla sex toy fans, but definitely a good buy for those wanting to get really kinky!!!

What are the best types of cock ring? – For most people a good quality vibration cock ring is usually the best option. This gives the benefits of a stronger erection from the cock ring and some pleasurable vibrations for both partners as well.

What’s the best type of strap-on to buy? – In our experience strap-on dildos are one area where you should never try to save money by buying a cheaper version. It’s this simple, the more you spend the better you get and the more fun you will have. Go for a vibrating dildo to add even more pleasure.

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Some things you should know about our store

  • We take PayPal and all major credit cards – You wont have any embarrassing names on your bank statements either, so don’t worry about the bank knowing what you are up too!
  • Discreet packaging – All our toys are delivered in plain packing so you don’t need to stress about any awkward moments on your door step with the delivery man!
  • Customer support – You can get help by email, live chat or phone all from the help section of the store.
  • We pride ourselves on our low prices and our huge range of toys – We have thousands of items to suit whatever your needs might be. Our prices are kept as low as possible and we have a clearance page for those on a low budget.

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The First Secret Erotica Promo Video!

Check out the first Secret Erotica promo video… It is awesome!

Hi there.

This is just a very short blog post to introduce the first Secret Erotica promo video.

@lola and I are both super excited to have this live and uploaded to YouTube.

Sometime very soon, we will be sharing this all over Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and lots of other social media networks to bring tons more sexy members to the site.

Until then feel free to take a sneak preview and check it out below… Enjoy!

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How to Use the Secret Erotica Community

More useful advice and a quick start video to help you on your way.

It is very, very important to @lola and me that you get the most fun out of your Secret Erotica experience.

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We regularly ask for feedback from our members. One of the things that came up was the fact that like all sexy social media sites they can take a little bit of used to at first.

So we listened and we got our heads together and we decided that a short “How to” video would be the quickest way to help you get the most from the site.

All you need to do is hit play on the video below.

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Woohoo… We Have Another New Video!

Lola and I are excited to announce that we have  another sexy and exciting promo video for you to watch an enjoy. You can either watch it below or click on this link to watch it in YouTube best sex toys online from Secret Erotica. Either way we really hope you enjoy it!

Now all you need to do is click here and treat yourself to sexy new adult toy!

In the store you will find a huge range of adult toys for men, women and couples including:

  • Luxury vibrators
  • Plastic pussies
  • Erotic lingerie
  • Dildos (of all shapes and sizes)
  • Sex machines
  • Spanking paddles
  • Glass sex toys
  • Erotic audio books
  • Sex furniture
  • Bondage equipment
  • Remote controlled sex toys
  • Butt blugs
  • Fantasy fancy dress for roleplaying
  • So much more you need to see it to believe it!

You can pay with all major credit cards and PayPal. The system is 100% private, totally secure and very easy to use. Finally all your new toys will arrive in plain, discreet packaging so you don’t have to worry about any awkward and embarrassing moments!

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What Just Happened to Your Community?

So, the site site went down for a while and this is an explanation of why and an apology for the downtime!

Hi there

For the past six days the site and the community have been offline. Firstly Lola and I want to apologize for this down time. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this!

Our web developer asked if he could quickly take the site offline for a few hours to upgrade the security and then add some code to make the site mobile friendly. Unfortunately the mobile upgrade snowballed from a few hours work to nearly a weeks worth!!!

So from our developer and from us both sorry for the hassles. The good news is that we now have a fully mobile and tablet friendly website.

This means that no matter what size screen you use to visit our site, it will respond with a version of the site that fits into that screen size. To make the site mobile friendly we had to change the layout and graphics slightly so our existing members will notice some small changes. But the site and the community still work in a very similar way, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding your way around.

If you do struggle with anything please just send me a PM or tag me @jack anywhere in the community and I will give you a hand.

Finally we are still working to improve the notifications and a few other small jobs that need to be sorted, so you may see some more little improvements over the next few weeks,. So, while this has been a major hassle for us and annoying for you, it is all part of our master-plan of building the best online sexy community that there is. I’m not going to lie to you. It’s stressful, hard work and certainly not cheap but it will be worth it!

Thanks for your patience..!