What Just Happened to Your Community?

So, the site site went down for a while and this is an explanation of why and an apology for the downtime!

Hi there

For the past six days the site and the community have been offline. Firstly Lola and I want to apologize for this down time. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this!

Our web developer asked if he could quickly take the site offline for a few hours to upgrade the security and then add some code to make the site mobile friendly. Unfortunately the mobile upgrade snowballed from a few hours work to nearly a weeks worth!!!

So from our developer and from us both sorry for the hassles. The good news is that we now have a fully mobile and tablet friendly website.

This means that no matter what size screen you use to visit our site, it will respond with a version of the site that fits into that screen size. To make the site mobile friendly we had to change the layout and graphics slightly so our existing members will notice some small changes. But the site and the community still work in a very similar way, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding your way around.

If you do struggle with anything please just send me a PM or tag me @jack anywhere in the community and I will give you a hand.

Finally we are still working to improve the notifications and a few other small jobs that need to be sorted, so you may see some more little improvements over the next few weeks,. So, while this has been a major hassle for us and annoying for you, it is all part of our master-plan of building the best online sexy community that there is. I’m not going to lie to you. It’s stressful, hard work and certainly not cheap but it will be worth it!

Thanks for your patience..!

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