Does Size Matter? – The Million Dollar Question!

Do you worry about the size of your cock? Do you think it is too small to satisfy a woman? Don’t panic check, just out this post for a very honest female perspective…

Personally I don’t care what size a man’s penis is. It could be the size of a button mushroom for all I care. If he knows how to use it and is confident in the bedroom then a small sized penis is not a big concern.

What is a major factor is having a small penis and not knowing how to use it. If he has the skills and the endurance I need to reach orgasm then that is good enough for me. Any man can achieve this with the right knowledge and practice.

So while I understand from a man’s perspective having a small cock might be hard, from my perspective they have nothing to worry about. Unless of course they are too lazy to learn some sexual skills…Now that is ANNOYING!

As we know the g-spot is just past the opening into a ladies vagina and so it does not need a big cock to hit it, a button mushroom will do just fine (in fact this shape can be ideal). Yes a small penis is not going to find our deep spot but a man can reach this with his hands (BTW if you don’t know where to find it then check out this blog post Jack has written on the deep spot). On a similar point a large cock cannot easily hit our g-spot but is more likely to hit our deep spot. Either way vaginal orgasm can be achieved so it’s just a matter of getting the best out of the cock being used :-).

It is worth bearing in mind that not every woman is like me. I do have a friend who before she gets a man into bed she will check his groin first to make sure his cock is big enough (she refuses to sleep with guys with small cocks). So men with small cocks have no chance with her but hey that is one woman I know out of hundreds.

Most of my female friends don’t care too much about the size of a man’s cock, what they do care about is if he can make her cum both clitorally and vaginally. He can do that with his hands, and his tongue, AS LONG AS THEY CUM THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE SIZE OF HIS COCK! It’s true that women sometimes love the feeling of having their pussies stretched wide open, but very few cocks are big enough to do this fully. Large sex toys or a pussy full of fingers is the way forward here!

My advice for men with a small penis is to make sure your woman finds it easy to have vaginal orgasms. Start with your fingers, find her g-spot and practice making her cum this way. (Use the cum hither motion and her bodies signals to help you find that sweet spot. Once you find it easy to make her cum vaginally from your fingers you will find it easy to do the same with your cock. Just practice your kegel exercises so that you can last long enough for her to relax and you will be giving her full blown vaginal orgasms (from fucking her) in no time.

The important thing to remember is that you need to get this handled.


Like I said for nearly all women the size doesn’t matter what matters is that you have the skills needed to make them cum. If a woman is not sexually satisfied the chances are she will either leave, cheat or both.

Women please comment, add your questions, your advice and tell me what I have missed. Men please comment with any questions you have and remember to focus on improving your sexual skills and creating a fun sexy vibe with your lover. Comments have to be checked and verified before they appear to avoid spam from clogging up our blog.

PS – Don’t forget to have a look at Jack’s blog post about the deep spot, very few guys know about this secret little love button, it’s very powerful and easy to find. It will blow any woman’s mind!

Women Love Sex

Do women love sex? Do they love it more than men? How often do they think about it? Find out my thoughts on this and lots more…

Just How Dirty Are Us Ladies?

Most women, deep down want to be sexy, naughty and much more sexually active then they dare to admit.

Women quite often deprive themselves of their sexuality because society tells them that they shouldn’t express it freely and openly. Women are also told that they are only there for men’s gratification and their only role as a woman is to satisfy their man rather than to be a sexual being in their own right.

There is a myth about sex that damages both men and women. This myth is subconsciously reinforced by both sexes. This myth comes from men’s fear of women’s sexuality and women’s fear of being classed as “easy”.

This myth appears in various forms like ‘men like sex more than women’ ‘women only have sex to please men’ and my favorite one ‘nice women don’t like sex’ yeah right! I am yet to find a woman that agrees with this myth. The truth is a lot of women have a much higher sex drive than a lot of men. I will repeat that just to make sure its very clear…Most women love sex more than most men.

Men’s fear
Men are conditioned to think that an ideal woman will only ever be as dirty as he wants or feels comfortable with. This conditioning creates fear of the reality and this is one of the reasons that this silly myth still exists. Men are also conditioned (in varying degrees) to judge women who are open about their enjoyment of sex, especially if they sleep with a lot of different partners.

Women’s fear
Women feel judged by society so lie (even to themselves!!) and repress their true sexual feelings and desires so they can meet men’s/society’s expectations. This sexual repression is very unhealthy. At best women can miss out on lots of great sex at worst it can cause mental and emotional issues such as anxiety or depression.

We need to stop this silly myth:

Men – You need to grow a bigger pair of balls and accept the reality that most women love sex more than you and will try anything to feed their sexual desires. If you become the type of man that a woman knows won’t judge her for her desires but instead will only encourage them then she will be at her sexiest with you. Of course you will reap the rewards for being clever enough not to follow the BS society chucks at us all.

Women – You need to be brave and help stop this myth. Be as honest as you can with your partners and express your sexuality freely. If they can’t handle it then you have to ask the question, are they right for you? The wrong partners will quickly disappear and the ones that want to help free your sexuality (the real men) will replace them. That is of course as long as you keep an eye out for the good ones!

So if you haven’t done so already you need to accept the fact that most women love sex more than most men. This can either be liberating or scary or both depending on what you choose to do with this fact. Embracing this knowledge and using it to increase your personal levels of satisfaction can be liberating for everyone involved.

Our sexy community is full of fun and like-minded people that welcome newbies with open arms so feel free to join us here.


The Best Sex Toys for Men

Do you want to know what the best sex toys for men are? Check out this list and find out everything you need to know..

What are the best male sex toys?

Men want two things from their toys

  1. They want toys that give them pleasure.
  2. They want cool toys they can use on (or with) their partner.

Check out this list of awesome adult toys for the boys…

  • Male vibrators – There is a spot inside a man called the prostrate gland. Often called the p-spot, it is similar to the female g-spot (except you get to it from the backend). Like the female g-spot when stimulated correctly it can produce powerful full body orgasms. Believe it or not men can orgasm from p-spot stimulation with no direct stimulation of the penis! Male prostrate vibes are a great way of experimenting with the p-spot and an An adult toy for menessential tool in any man’s sexy toy arsenal.
  • Cock rings – Cock rings slightly restrict blood flow to the erect penis. This gives the man a larger, firmer erection. It also helps him to last longer and give him a much more intense orgasm when he reaches climax. Does this sound pretty darn good to you? Also if it’s a vibrating cock ring his partner can grind onto the vibe and then both lovers get extra pleasure from this tiny but powerful male sex toy.
  • Plastic pussies – These used to be treated like a joke but now more guys are using them as a sexy masturbation toy and why not? After all women have been fucking themselves silly with plastic cocks for a long, long time now!
  • Anal beads – Simply insert the beads and then on the moment of climax pull the beads out to massively increase the pleasure and sensitivity of the orgasm. Anal beads are really cheap, really fun and very easy to use… What more could you ask for?
  • Remote controlled vibrators –These are one of my all time fave adult toys for men! Even though it’s the woman that gets the direct pleasure guys love these. Simply put the toy on (or in), go out to a bar, club, party or whatever you fancy. Then who ever has the remote can press that magic little button whenever they want and watch their lover squirm..!
  • Spanking paddles – Some guys like spanking and some guys like being spanked! Personally I enjoy both, but one thing is for sure both spanking and being spanked is much, much better with the proper tools and equipment!
  • Strap-ons – Not for everyone but some guys love nothing more than to bend over and get fucked with a strap-on. They come with different types of harnesses, different sizes, with or without vibrators in them, etc to suit any desires you may have. Note – If you do fuck a guy with a strap-on, always play fair and give him a reach around wank!
  • Bondage restraints, handcuffs etc – Again some guys like to do the handcuffing and some guys like to be handcuffed…Yes you guessed it – I like both tee hee! There is something very sexy about a pair of strong steel handcuffs.
  • Sex machines – Sometimes guys need a rest, often their lady still needs more cock. Fucking machines are the answer, basically they are a thrusting dildo on a long stick. Just plug them in to the electric supply, insert the dildo into the most suitable hole then sit back and enjoy the show! (Of course he can also control the action with a remote control!).
  • Sex furniture – This makes fucking much easier. The furniture helps you get the right angles and better positions. Sex swings for example allow you to hold a woman up with out using any energy, meaning he can focus on fucking and not worry abut putting his back out!
  • Face dildos – Strap this bad boy onto your chin, slide it into her pussy then go to work on her clit (actually, now I come to think of this one it should probably be in sex toys for women).

Why not take a visit to our store and browse through our huge range of the best adult toys for men here…

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Want to Know How to Use a Vibrator?

Do you want to know how to use a vibrator? On yourself? Or with your partner? Check out these easy to follow, simple tips and then go have some sexy fun with your toys!

These simple, easy to follow steps will give you all the advice you need to start having lots of fun.
The techniques are broken up into two stages:

  1. Advice for women on how to play with a vibe on themselves.
  2. Advice for using a vibrator on your female partner.

Before I go into the list of steps I just want to say two things. Firstly the most important thing is to relax and not put too much pressure on yourself. Using a vibrator is a skill and like any skill it takes a little practice to get really good at it. (Still I reckon that’s not so bad, there are a lot worse things I could think of practicing!)

Secondly for this post I will focus on clitoral vibrators. Lets keep things simple for now..!

Advice for ladies on how to use a vibe for masturbation.

  1. Pick a time when you wont be disturbed or overheard.
    You don’t want someone bursting in on you or overhearing a strange buzzing noise coming from your bedroom!
  2. Get yourself in the right mood. Anytime you try anything new to do with sex, always, always, always get in the right mood first. Light candles, have a bath, listen to music, fantasize. Do whatever you need to get ready for some sexy action.
  3. When you are ready turn on the vibe. Don’t turn it up to full intensity (save that for later tee hee) and explore all of your pussy with it. Tickle your lips, pop it inside you and of course, tease your clit with it.
  4. Remember to relax, breathe and enjoy it. Focus your mind on the pleasurable sensations and they will start to intensify.
  5. If it helps fantasize about someone or something that really makes you hot.
  6. Just keep hitting the spots in your pussy that feel really good. You’re going to start feeling hot and the sexy sensations will increase… This is when you turn up the intensity of your vibrator. An orgasm is coming (Pun intended!).
  7. Then (and this is VERY, VERY, important), do it again and again and again. Remember practice makes perfect and masturbation is good for you!

How to one on your female partner.

  1. Make sure you wont be disturbed and you are both comfortable with your environment. This might not seem that important (especially to a man), but trust me it is!).
  2. Make sure she is in a sexy mood. Use sexy talk, setting the scene, music or whatever else it is that she likes to help her relax and feel horny.
  3. Warm her up with plenty of kissing and non-vibrator foreplay. Remember, women get turned on like volume knobs so build it up nice and slowly.
  4. Give her the vibe and tell her to show you what she likes. This one tip is soooooo important!
  5. When you know what she likes take the toy off her and give it a go. Do the things she showed you but also play around, explore and have fun. Remember practice makes perfect.
  6. If she doesn’t orgasm give her back the toy and tell her to make herself cum. This way you can watch and learn. Don’t worry if you cant make her cum the first few times, just don’t give up and you will get there.

When learning how to play with a vibrator, it’s vital you have the right toy. We have a wide range of toys that you can browse through and find the perfect one for you. From high end luxury vibes to tiny little bullets, all at rock bottom prices and with 100% discreet packing. (No one will ever know). So click here and treat yourself or your partner to a new sexy toy or two…

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