Ejaculation Control: Tips and Advice on How to Last Longer

Let’s be honest at one time or another we all cum to quickly. BUT there are some real simple tips you can learn to help you last a longer in bed. Check out this post to find out more…

Lean how to delay ejaculation and put a smile on her face!

  • Do you have trouble controlling when you cum?
  • Would you like to learn how to last longer?
  • Would you like to be able to give your woman vaginal orgasms when you are fucking her?

(Ladies if your man cums too quickly send him a link to this blog post and lets get him sorted out!)

First the bad news, then the good news and then I’ll share a link with you that might just change your sex life forever.

The bad news – There is no magic pill, silver bullet or instant cure that will solve your premature ejaculation problems with no effort.

The good news – There are some short-term solutions that will help you out a lot and in the long term (with a small amount of practice) you can learn how to get complete control of when you cum.

This blog isn’t the right place to go into every single technique to help you control your ejaculation but I will share two with you right now. One is a short term fix and one a longer term suggestion then, like I said I’ll give you a link with tons more great more info. (Or just click here if you are impatient and want to skip straight to the advanced stuff!)

Quick side note – Until you get this issue handled I suggest adopting the “she cums first rule”. If your lady gets to cum she is much less likely to care about how long you last. This one simple rule will save you a lot of performance anxiety and that in itself can help you last longer.

Short-term fix – Delay condoms. They really do work. They contain a small amount of de-sensitizing gel in the tip of the latex. This gel slows down the arousal process so it takes longer to cum. As a quick fix they are great but they are far from perfect. The gel de-sensitizes your cock, which means less pleasure. They can also make it hard to cum as your dick can be too desensitized!

Longer-term fix – Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises can help you get better control of your premature ejaculation, they take a bit of work and practice but they are a better solution than delay condoms. The exercises strengthen your PC muscles and these muscles can stop you from cumming too quickly.

How to do kegel exercises – Step one, every time you take a leak stop mid-flow (ideally five times per leak). Step two, practice contracting your PC muscles. You do this by flexing the muscles that lift your ball sack up and down. Do this every day until the muscles feel tired and soon you will notice improvements in your stamina.

Both these two tips will give you some improvement in your ejaculation control BUT THERE IS MUCH MORE TO LEARN.

If you want to discover some ninja-like secrets and advanced techniques to help you last longer.
If you want to put them into action and get complete control over exactly when you cum.
If you want to have the power to give a woman intense vaginal orgasms and total sexual satisfaction just from fucking her.

My new buddy Lester has created a ton of great info telling you step by step exactly how to get complete control of your ejaculation.

Learn how to get control of your ejaculation here…

Have a good one!
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How to make a woman like you… Is that even possible?!?!?

Can you make a woman like you? Can you learn how to become more attractive to women? Is it possible? If so how do you do it?

There are thousands of websites, blog posts and products all over the internet, all promising to share the secret of how to make any woman find a man attractive. All you have to do is spend $25/$50/$99 and you can make a woman like you even if she is smoking hot, married, gay and a millionaire!

Is this true..? OF COURSE NOT!

BUT, there are in my experience some definite things you can do to spark attraction in women. These tips will work with some women some of the time. They won’t make every woman in the world find you attractive but they will help. And if you are like me and enjoy sleeping with as many hot women as possible the more help you can get the better!

So here’s a quick run down of what’s worked for me…

1. Do use a lot of eye contact – Women love eye contact, it portrays confidence and women love confidence.
2. Do talk to lots of women – Try not to obsess over one girl but instead just get used to talking, flirting and having fun with lots of them. You will get more confident and more skilled in the art of flirting by practicing. Then when one comes along that you really like you will have the skills and the nerve to do what it takes.
3. Do tease them in a fun kind of way -Being a bit cocky or cheeky can be a really powerful way to flirt with a woman.
4. Do make the best of your appearance – But don’t worry about it too much.
5. Do your best to dress well in a style that suits you – Ask a friendly woman for advice on this.
6. Do your best to get in good shape by eating well and exercising.
7. Don’t worry about your looks too much thankfully women aren’t as shallow as men. While they do care about looks they also care about personality just as much. Confidence is very, very attractive to women and that can be improved with work, so don’t stress about your looks.
8. DON’T KISS HER ASS – Don’t put a woman on a pedestal. Don’t tell her she is gorgeous (before you’ve even said hello). Don’t offer to buy her drinks or do anything else that suggests “I don’t think I’m good enough so I’m going to kiss your butt in the vague hope that you might then allow me to hang around you in a creepy way for as long as you let me, as long as you don’t mind, please, please, please”.
9. Don’t talk about sex in a weird way – There is a time and a place for sexy talk. A lot of guys especially when they are drunk get this wrong and it’s never pretty! This is one of the reasons why you need to practice talking to lots of women, you will soon learn the time and the place for increasing the sexual tension.
10. Don’t be needy or clingy – There is no bigger turn off to a woman than a man who is so weak he needs a woman to make him feel safe. If this is you, you might need to grow a bigger pair of balls! How? By going out and talking to lots of women until you realize no one woman is worth feeling needy about!

Ok, I hope that lot helps. Please feel free to join our community on this link and find some nice ladies to chat too.

Have a good one!
PS – Do you have any advice on how to make a woman like you? – Share your tips below

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How to flirt online – Tips for the guys

There are lot of very sexy, very horny people online. But flirting online can be tricky, especially for the guys as they usually do the chasing!

If you want to meet a sexy woman online there are some simple things you can to do to massively improve your chances.

Just as importantly there are some really important things that you must NEVER do if you want to succeed in meeting women online. As the joint owner of Secret Erotica I see some guys doing really well and having some good fun with attractive ladies.

BUT I also see some really daft stuff. Guys using the same tired old tactics to try and get laid. These tactics never work, so they are just wasting time and energy for no good reason. Flirting online isn’t that hard, it’s a skill and with a tiny bit of practice anyone can get much, much better at it!

Check out this list of do’s and don’ts to help you with your online flirting skills.

(I will list the don’ts first to get them out of the way then quickly move on to the positive stuff you can do to help you with your online flirtations!) Don’t do any of these EVER…!

  • Don’t bombard the ladies with instant chat requests.
  • Don’t send them repeated private msgs, especially copy and pasted ones!
  • Don’t get straight down to hardcore dirty talk with a woman you have no previous interaction with. Even on sites like this you need to ease up a little bit. Remember men get turned on like a light switch (instantly) women get turned on like a volume knob (more gradually).

Do these and you will do better than most men!

  • Do create a funny, sexy, or interesting profile.
  • Do add lots of details in the “about me” section of your profile.
  • Do gather up the best photos that you have of yourself. Even if you don’t add them to your profile you can send them via private msgs to any ladies that are interested.
  • Do take it slowly and step by step. Women get a lot of attention online and they are also concerned about stalkers etc. So be patient.
  • Do bring value wherever you are! This is huge! If you add sexy stories, funny jokes, cool pictures etc. You will come across as a cool guy.
  • Do interact with lots of women, not just the ones you want to get naked with. On and offline women keep an eye out for each other and talk about guys. If you are friendly and cool with all the ladies you bump into then this will be a big help in the long term.

One last tip, if you haven’t done it yet claim your free Secret Erotica membership here… It’s the sexiest social media community online and best of all its free!

Have a good one!
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How to write erotic stories for female readers

Most women love well written erotic stories. If you want to learn how to write good female orientated erotica then check out these simple but powerful tips and techniques…

  • Do you want to get better at writing erotic stories?
  • Do you want to treat your lady to a nice surprise?
  • Or would you like to share a few stories in the Secret Erotic sexy stories library?
  • Maybe you want to improve your writing skills so you can use your stories to seduce a lady or two…???

Check out these tips on how to write hot erotic stories for female readers:

Note – These are general guidelines. Obviously every woman has slightly different needs and desires.

Set the scene – When guys watch a porn film they usually skip straight to the hardcore action. Most women like to be warmed up more slowly, so set the scene, introduce the characters and give a bit of background to the sexy bits.

Details, details, details – Women love details in their adult stories. Always set the scene with information about the characters, the locations, the clothes, the mood, even the weather (“It was a wild and stormy night, the wind lashed down on the windows looking out across the city sky…” Ok not my best effort but you get the idea!)

Leave some stuff to the imagination – While details are good women also love to fill in the gaps with their own imaginations. A good example of this would be a handsome stranger who never reveals his face. Your reader won’t be able to help herself. She will start imagining what he looks like and she will love it!

Add thoughts and emotions – Good sex isn’t just about sticking things in holes! It’s about emotions and thoughts as well. This is the stuff that makes us human and it is very important when learning how to write good erotica.
Example – “She knew she shouldn’t be doing it, but she couldn’t help herself. He made her feel so wanted that she just had to have him”

Go slowly and tease – As the old saying goes men get turned on like a light switch and women get turned on like a volume knob.  Or to use another way of thinking about it imagine watching a pan of water boil. At first there are no bubbles, then one or two appear, then lots of bubbles and then finally it starts bubbling like crazy. The trick with writing good erotica is to start off non-sexual (no bubbles) and then build up to fully orgasmic (bubbling like crazy), take your reader on a sexy journey and you will have her in the palm of your hands!

Ramp up the intensity – As the water in the pan starts to bubble, turn up the heat and watch it go crazy! Once you’ve set the scene, introduced the characters and laid out the scenario you need to take things more sexual and arousing.

Have a big climax – Take that pan to the boil and let it bubble like crazy. The easiest way to do this is to bring one or more of your characters to a powerful orgasm.

Waves of pleasure – In real life women can have multiple orgasms so it makes sense they would like similar experience from their sexy stories. Back to our pan of water, once it’s boiling, turn the heat down. Let the bubbles slow right down and then ramp it back up again until, it’s back bubbling like crazy again (and again and again).

Leave them wanting more – In my experience women love an element of being teased. It creates anticipation of future fun and excitement. This could be as simple as leaving the story open ended and saying something like “To be continued…”

You can write and share your free sexy erotic stories in our library on this link…

I hope this helps, feel free to ask questions below.

Have a good one!
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The problem with men sex and the internet. A letter to our ladies.


I wanted to write directly to you as a female member of our community to address some potential concerns I have with your enjoyment of our site.

Having been online in lots of different websites and communities I have witnessed way too many badly behaved men annoying the female users.

The pattern of behavior usually goes something like this:

  • Sending crappy copy and pasted emails to hundreds of women in the hope someone will bite.
  • Repeatedly sending PM’s to the same woman even though she ignored them or politely declined.
  • Repeatedly sending chat requests to the same or multiple women.
  • Sending totally inappropriate sexual msgs. Yes even on an erotica site. There is a time and a place for filth!
  • Ignoring any polite rejections.
  • Even worse reacting badly to rejections and becoming either way over the top and needy OR aggressive and judgmental to the woman who rejects them.
  • Ladies – If you have anymore just post them in the comments section and I will happily add them to the list!

If you are female and have been on any sort of dating, sex or erotica site I have no doubt that some or all of these will sound familiar to you. If so please read on.

Why do they behave like this?

A lot of this is about not knowing how to spark attraction, how to flirt and how to respect women’s boundaries. I’ve put some tips below for any guys reading this post.

Another major factor is an inability to handle rejection. Lots of people don’t like to hear the word “no”. But in dating its usually the guy who makes the first move and as such it’s the guy who more often than not hears the word no. Even if he is fairly cool with rejection after a while of hearing “no” after “no” he might get frustrated. (Especially if he isn’t very good at flirting or interacting with the women he finds attractive).

Finally some people are just fucking ass-holes that should be put head first in the nearest trash can! 😉

What can you do about it?

If you are a lady and you are getting unwanted attention for guys on Secret Erotica here are some tips to help solve the problem as quickly and as easily as possible:

  • Don’t get into an argument or start being abusive back. It’s not worth the effort!
  • Politely ask him not to contact you.
  • If he ignores your request go to his profile page and block him.
  • Once he is blocked he wont be able to hassle you from the same profile. But if he creates another profile just to harass you please let us know immediately and we will block him at the IP level which will make it almost impossible for him to get back on to the site.
  • If you have any concerns, issues or questions about this please just contact us within the community or by our contact form on this page.

Are you a guy and want to improve your online skills with the ladies?

Here are some quick does and don’ts to help you on your way:

  • Do add an interesting profile with some cool, funny, sexy images.
  • Do join lots of groups and interact in them.
  • Do join in the activity on the main wall.
  • Do check out our premium membership.
  • Do write some hot sexy stories and share them in the community.
  • DON’T bombard anyone with chat requests, comments or PM’s.
  • DON’T create more than one profile to use to chase anyone.
  • DON’T get all needy and whiny if a lady rejects you.
  • DON’T EVER get grumpy, aggressive or judgmental if you get rejected. Our female members have every right to say no, so just grow a pair and deal with it!

Ladies – If you are sick of brain dead men, why not treat yourself to a luxury sex toy and forget about your men troubles…?

Guys – If you have any questions about improving your profile give Lola a shout using the mention tag @lola or by sending her a private msg.

Please feel free to comment below with any questions, comments or other annoying things you might want to add to the list. Maybe you’ve got a funny story to share…?

Have a good one!