5 Reasons Why I Love Going Down on a Woman

I love going down on a woman. It makes my cock throb, my balls ache and my blood pump with sexual arousal. Why do I love it so much? Find out…

If I listed my all time favorite sexy things that I enjoy doing there is no doubt going down on a woman would be one of them. It never fails to get my cock rock hard and throbbing with excitement.

What is it that I love so much about the art of cunnilingus? Check out these five reasons why:

The view – Yup! I love the view. This is more than just the view of her pussy, don’t get me wrong I love that. But when my tongue is working its magic on her clit or squirming its way into her wet pussy I love looking up. Seeing her belly and chest rise up and down as she breathes heavily with sexual excitement. Seeing her boobs with rock hard nipples flushed with color. Seeing her face, her eyes closed, biting her bottom lip as the pleasure is expressed so clearly for me to see. Yes the view is one of my all time faves! BTW – Click here if you want to learn how to lick pussy like a BOSS!

The taste – I love the taste of pussy, I love the smell of it and I love the feel of it on my face!

The power and control – I like being in control, I like having the power to make her cum. I like teasing her. I like being the one who decides when she cums and how she cums.

Being so close to the action – Having my face in her pussy. My tongue, my lips, my nose all pushed hard against her as she orgasms, it is seriously sexy. I’m right there with her as she climaxes, holy shit I love it!

The reciprocal blowjob! – I love blowjobs and if there is one thing I have learned is that I am much more likely to get one if I first go down on her and give her a very sexy time.

I could think of more but for now I will stop before I get carried away. I need to go find a lady and lick her pussy because I am feeling very fucking horny right now!

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I Know What She Wants (Erotic Story)

I pushed her hard up against the cold brick wall, my hands around her waist, pushing her, controlling her, dominating her. She feels the cold…

This is part one of a series I am writing. If you like it and want to read more then you need to join our community. Click here to find out more…

I pushed her hard up against the cold brick wall, my hands around her waist, pushing her, controlling her, Erotic storydominating her. She feels the cold,hard bricks firm against her skin. Her breathing is short and fast. She is excited but scared in a very sexy way…

My eyes penetrate deeply into hers, I know what she wants. We are only on our first date, we haven’t even kissed yet but I can see it in her eyes. I know what she wants.

She wants me to control her, to lead her, to dominate her and to overwhelm her with my own sexual desire.

My right hand moves up behind her head and grabs a bunch of her hair, I pull her neck firmly downwards, revealing the soft skin of her long neck. I move closer, my body pushing against hers, her back is forced even harder into the wall. She feels a sensation somewhere between pain and pleasure that is making her hot, wet and hungry for more.

I pause for a minute to smell her skin, her perfume is sweet and enticing, her hair smells of expensive shampoo and her clothes fresh. These smells make my cock throb. This is femininity at it’s most simple and arousing and I fucking love it.

I kiss her neck slowly and softly but not for long, I can feel she needs more, I know what she craves, so I bite down hard on her neck my teeth grazing against her muscles and tendons, pulled tight by my hand forcing her head to one side.

My body is pushing hard against her, the harder I bite the more pressure I put on her body. The cold, damp bricks are digging into her skin, there will be red marks on her bare arms tomorrow that will tell an interesting story for those in the know.

My cock is throbbing “damn this girl is hot”, I’m playing it cool but she is one of the hottest girls I’ve ever had the pleasure of corrupting and even if I’m not showing it my cock is. My balls feel like they are about to explode and my rock hard dick is pushing against her.

I increase the pressure and tempo on her neck, my teeth grinding against the tensed muscles, roughly moving over her skin, my cock is thrust into her leg. My hand pulls her head down even further, revealing more neck for me to bite and enjoy.

She is moaning softly with pleasure I can feel her going weak at the knees. ??My free hand slips between her thighs and cups her throbbing pussy through the tight black jeans she wore to show off her sexy ass. As I put pressure against her pussy her legs go even weaker and she drops her weight onto my hand while her clit grinds greedily in my palm.

I chuckle inwardly to myself, I’ve got what I want, I could fuck her right now if I wanted in this alley no more than three meters from the front door of the restaurant we just visited. Her submission is total I have her in the palm of my hand, she knows it, I know it and that’s what we both wanted.

Quickly I step away from her, I put my hands on her shoulders and grin to myself and look at what I’ve done. Her hair is a mess, her eyes are wide and her pupils dilated, her skin is flushed, she is out of breath and her legs are weak at the knees.

I kiss her softly on the lips, just once. Damn she is so fucking beautiful it hurts to look at her. As my lips pull away from her’s I whisper goodbye in her ear and walk away from her, she calls me a bastard but I can here the happiness in her voice “call me sometime soon” is my reply.

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Tips for the Ladies

Ladies, check out this post and learn how to have as much fun as possible in the Secret Erotica community and sexy library…

How to get the most fun out of Secret Erotica

Welcome to the Secret Erotica blog. I wrote this post to try and help make sure you get as much fun as possible out of our secret sexy community. So far we’ve found that most of our female members come to the site for four main reasons:

1. To read erotic stories.

2. To share their own erotic stories.

3. To chat and interact with like-minded people.

4. To find and meet a real world playmate.

The simple steps below will help you on your Secret Erotica journey to find fun and fantasy in whatever way you choose…

Step one – If you haven’t done it all ready claim your free membership! Click here to find out more or watch this short video to help you make up your mind.

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Step two – To read erotic stories, once you have created an account visit the sexy stories library and browse to your heart’s content! If you find some stories that you really like please be kind and put a nice comment in the replies section so the author knows you enjoyed their work.

Step three – To share your own writings and sexy stories, you will find easy to follow instructions to help you on your way. Once you have posted your story make sure you share it a few groups to get it seen by lots of our horny members!

Step four – To find people to chat with, search the groups menu and find the areas that interest you the most. Join in and see where it takes you!

Step five – To find a real world playmate, the first step is to make sure your profile and your avatar are funny/sexy/interesting. Then join in the community activity or browse our members and see who tickles your fancy.

Top Tip – One thing we’ve noticed is that members who write and then share sexy erotic stories get a lot more attention than those who don’t!

There you go. Some nice easy tips to help you get the most from the site.

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Advice for the Guys

Guys we have worked hard to make this site as fun as possible. So check out this quick guide and learn how to get the most from it as easily as possible…

How to have a much fun as possible here on our site

  • If you want to flirt with lots of sexy people?
  • If you want to read very naughty erotic stories?
  • If you would like to share some of your own sexy stories?
  • Or if you would like to find an online or real world playmate?

Then check out these easy to follow steps to help you get the most out of Secret Erotica as quickly as possible.

First things first create your free account! – If you aren’t a member yet then you should be. ALL the really good stuff is hidden behind closed doors and your membership is the key to those doors. If you’re not sure then check out this video to help you decide either way…

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Upload an Avatar – No matter what you are doing on the site. Step one is always to upload an avatar. It doesn’t have to be of you. It can be sexy, funny, or both but you really need to get one added as an avatar is the best way to stand out from the crowd.

If you want to flirt with lots of sexy people – Once you’ve added your avatar, add some interesting
information to your profile then, join some of the groups, and start interacting with the other members.

Top tip – Use the keyword cloud on the right hand side. Pick a word that turns you on, click on it and see what you find.

If you want to share your own erotic stories – First add your story, then share it in the library, the groups and the main activity wall so lots of other members will get to read it as well! Don’t worry if you are a newbie writer we have a group to help you out and lots of good advice to get you started… Just go for it!

If you would like to find an online or a real world playmate – You need to do a little bit of everything listed above. Definitely make sure your avatar and your profile is as sexy/funny/interesting as possible. Definitely join some groups and start having fun with other members. Also you really should think about writing a story and adding it to the library. Using a horny fantasy to interest your playmates is a sure fire way to meet some cool people to play with!

Can you think of anymore? If so add your suggestions to the comments section below and I will update this list.

I hope this helps.

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The Deep Spot: The Easiest Way to Give Any Woman a Vaginal Orgasm

Do you know what the deep spot is? Do you know how to find it and how to stimulate it to give women insanely powerful vaginal orgasms? Read this post and discover everything you need to know…

Easy to Learn, Powerful and Very Effective!

Note – This blog post is mainly written for people who want make women cum (guys and gals) but if you are a woman and have never experienced a deep spot orgasm please read on. Once you know what it is you can teach your lover a new exciting way to make you cum. (Maybe even send your lover a link to this blog post).

Before I go any further I need to give credit to a man called David Shade, it was from him that I learned about the deep spot (and a lot of other amazing techniques that I will save for another blog post)! David is a remarkable man, he rose from the ashes from a painful divorce to become one of the most skilled sex experts there is. The methods he teaches REALLY WORK and he has a free download that’s well worth checking out on this link…

Some questions:

  • What is it?
  • How do you stimulate it?
  • What is so special about it?

What exactly is this secret spot?

It is a smooth frisbee shaped area, deep inside the woman’s vagina close to her cervix. It is sensitive enough to give powerful orgasms but not overly sensitive (like a clit just after orgasm). This means with firm regular stokes the deep spot can be used to give a woman powerful orgasms with NO CLITORAL STIMULATION again and again.

How do you stimulate it?

This technique is very simple but it does take a little bit of practice. Get your lady to lie on her back with her legs wide open and her knees bent. Insert your middle finger as deep as possible inside her and make a “come hither motion” almost as if you are trying to tickle the back of her belly button from the inside out. Try a few different areas until she starts to respond with pleasure and then just repeat until she cums.

The technique really is that simple but the reality is that you might find it a bit tiring at first. Your arm and finger night get a little achy! Don’t worry just keep practicing until you build up the stamina.

Also you will find she gets so horny she wriggles about a lot with pleasure making it hard to keep your finger on the magic spot. There is a simple solution to both these problems – Put your spare hand on her belly and push down towards your finger. This helps you keep your fingertip in the right place, it helps you when your fingers get tired and it also increases her pleasure (by allowing you to push harder).

Learn how to stimulate the deep spot
Make Her Orgasmic!

What is so special about the deep spot?

First of all it is the easiest and most effective way of giving a woman a vaginal orgasm. Most women think that they need clitoral stimulation to cum and by giving her a vaginal orgasm (with no clit stimulation) you will blow her mind.

Secondly, very few people know about this. So if you use this on a woman it will very likely be the first time she has experienced it.

Finally as the deep spot is not as sensitive as her clit, she can take repeated stimulation even while cumming. This means you can use it to give her very long, intense orgasms like she has never had before.

To find out more about the deep spot (and the other secret and immensely powerful techniques David teaches) – Check out this free download with some insane techniques to sky rocket your sexual skills!

It is real easy once you know how and you will soon have the power to make any woman cum harder than she ever has in her life! Also don’t forget that women talk to each other, especially about great sex. if you get this skill mastered and do a good job on one lady, she will tell her friends and then guess what might happen..? 😉

Have a good one!
PS – Don’t forget to leave any comments or questions you have in the box below, I am here to help.

PPS – If you click on the David Shade link above he will give you a ton of amazing free stuff, he will also offer you the chance to buy some advanced sexual skills courses. I love his stuff and highly recommend it but of course feel free to just take the free bonuses and don’t spend a dime, his free stuff is still well worth grabbing!