Everything You Need to Know about Anal Sex Toys

Do you like the idea of anal play? Maybe your partner is interested? Perhaps you want some pointers on good toys to try out? Check out these ideas and then go have some fun…

The first thing you need to know about them is that there are a lot of them to chose from! The range is huge and includes toys for men, women and couples.

Check out our ten most popular anal toys and accessories:

  1. Lube – Ok, lube isn’t a toy BUT it is the most important thing you should consider
    when trying any sort of anal play. Remember unlike a pussy (or a mouth), the butt doesn’t produce it’s own lubrication. Because of this any thrusting motion can be painful or even cause damage. Without some lube to reduce friction (and make it feel nice and sexy) it might be painful. So always use lube, use lots of it, then use even more…Did you get the message? 😉
  2. Butt plugs – Great for a few different things. If you want to try anal intercourse butt plugs are a great way of relaxing the anus and getting it ready for pain free sex. Also they can be fun just to play with and enjoy stretching and filling your butt to experience new sexy sensations.
  3. Anal beads – A string of beads inserted into the butt and then pulled out quickly during the moment of orgasm. If you get the timing right these toys can massively increase the intensity of the orgasm…GREAT FUN!
  4. Prostrate vibrators – One for the boys. There is a spot inside the man called the p-spot. Its similar to the woman’s g-spot and can give intense full body orgasms when stimulated in the right way. Prostrate vibes are ideal for finding this spot and giving a guy a seriously good time!
  5. Remote control butt plugs – Believe it or not they exist. Simply insert the butt plug and then go out into the world where your partner can give you seriously sexy sensations by remote and no one will ever know!
  6. Strap-ons – Not for every one but some guys or women loved being fucked with a strap-on. Most women who try wearing one say it is a very sexy and liberating experience for them as well.
  7. Anal vibrators – Cock shaped, bullets, vibrating anal beads, there is a huge range and they can all be great fun. (Especially if covered with lots of lube!)
  8. Double penetration dildos and vibrators – Some dildos and vibes come with a double entry design so the lady can fill both her pussy and her ass at the same time. A great one for greedy ladies..! 😉
  9. Inflatable butt stretchers – Yes, another one of our more “out there” sex toys! They come with an air pump and can be manually inflated to fill and stretch the butt. Not for everyone but some people LOVE them!
  10. Glass sex toys – Glass toys have three main benefits. First they are very easy to clean and really hygienic (great for anal). Second because they are so hard and rigid there is no give in them, which provides the user with a serious amount of accuracy (for when only the perfect spot will do)! Finally they can be warmed up or cooled down to create interesting sensations to experiment with.

So now you are an expert in anal sex toys, why not pick out a new and exciting sexy little something to play with?


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