Unleash Her Inner Minx…

Most women, deep down inside have a raging nympho just waiting to be released. If you can tap into this inner sex fiend you can have a lot of fun…

Turn Your Woman into a Raging Nympho!

First of all I lied in the title, this isn’t about turning her into a nympho… The fact is, she is already a nympho, you just don’t know it yet. Sadly the chances are that she might not realize it either.

The first fact you need to fully realize and ACCEPT is that most women are more sexual than most men (most of the time). But this sexuality is often repressed. Many women hide their inner desires because of a very real, fear of being judged.

Think about that for a minute, how fucking unfair is it that us girls have to hide our natural biological urges because of made up bullshit created by society to control us?

In fact, this bullshit goes even further than that. Some women actually repress their sexuality from themselves! Shutting down this powerful, exciting, fun, and healthy part of their own personality just because they are scared of being judged. This is a tragedy and not just for women but for men as well!

I’m going to spell this one out for you so it is very, very clear…

Society represses women telling them their sexual desires and behaviors make them a slut.

Men in particular repress women’s sexual desires because they are scared of them, but women also fall victim to this damaging judgment as well. Either judging themselves or other women for freely enjoying their sexuality or stopping themselves from having the sex life they deserve.

So now we know what the problem is how do we resolve it?

turn your woman into a raging nymphoFirstly, don’t forget all women are different, some women live totally free sex lives. They ignore the judgment of society and get on with enjoying their bodies freely in any way they chose. If your lady is like this you are a lucky man (or woman). All you need to do is learn some top class sexual skills and enjoy the ride (pun intended 😉 )

If your woman does not feel comfortable with her sexy desires (AKA inner nympho) you have some work to do. First you need to look at yourself:
– Are you scared of her sexuality?
– Do you resent the fact she finds other people attractive?
– Do you subtly try to control her so she behaves in a way which doesn’t trigger your insecurities or jealousies?

If yes is the answer to any of these don’t beat yourself up. Most of us have some fears or insecurities around sex. BUT you NEED to get this sorted. If your fears are small, work through them on your own, write them down on paper and question them, try and see how silly they are and let go of them.

If your negative feelings are deeper and more overwhelming, maybe read a few books or even get some professional help. The sooner you let go of this stuff the better. Remember this is all in your head and it comes from the bullshit told to us all by society. IT IS NOT REAL UNLESS YOU MAKE IT REAL!

Side note – Don’t forget to talk to your lady about your issues/fears/insecurities. Don’t become some weak-ass little boy trying to get his girl to sort out his mummy issues lol 😉 . But by talking and sharing, you will encourage her to do the same. Being open about your true feelings can create the intimacy and trust between you. Like I said don’t be a boy about this though, be a man and accept this is your shit and you will have to deal with it. Your lady is there to support you NOT to save you!

So, let’s assume you’ve got reasonably comfortable with the fact that deep down inside your woman is a dirty little bitch with a whole range of desires, fantasies and secrets. WELL DONE!!!!!! MOST GUYS NEVER EVEN GET CLOSE TO THIS. Remember, this may seem scary (I get that and so will your lady) but trust me, once you get this handled you will reap the rewards! 🙂

The next step is to make sure she knows that not only are you totally cool with her sharing her hidden naughtiness. Once she really trusts that you aren’t going to turn into some jealous weirdo if she mentions the wrong thing, she will open up to you more and more. She will also have her own social conditioning to deal with but as the man you can lead her through this. Encourage her to talk, share previous experiences, fantasies, desires, etc. She may open up quickly or slowly, just be cool, be confident and keep it fun. Before you know it, her inner nympho will be free, she will be insanely horny and want sex ALL OF THE TIME!

The only problem with this is that she will constantly harass you for sex, this might sound good but in reality it can be very tiring (ask Jack if you don’t believe me, he sometimes whines about this in the community and the blog!)

One final tip to help you further explode your sex life. Learn some seriously high level skills. Jack’s done two awesome posts, one on lasting longer and one on using the deep spot both are well worth checking out.

PS – If you haven’t done so already, make sure you check out our very sexy community!

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