How to Use a Vibrator

Do you want to learn how to use a vibrator? Are you interested in using one on yourself? Or on your partner? Find out everything you need to know in this blog post…

Easy to follow tips and advice.

If you want to find out how to use a vibrator on a woman its probably for one of two reasons:

  1. You want to know how to use one on yourself.
  2. You want to use one on your female partner.

Using a vibe for masturbation:

  • Make sure you wont be disturbed or over heard – There is nothing wrong with what you are doing but it still could be pretty embarrassing if you get caught. Pick a time and a place where you know you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new toy to the max.
  • Make sure you have plenty of batteries – If your toy needs batteries make sure you have new ones and even some spares (trust me there is nothing more disappointing than running out of power when you need it the most!). If you use toys a lot I really recommend investing in ones with built in rechargeable batteries just like you have for an electric toothbrush or a phone.
  • Use fantasy if it helps you get super horny – I love fantasizing, it always gets me in the right mood. If you need some inspiration check out our sexy stories on this link…
  • Start off with the settings on low – Don’t crank the power up straight away, it is always nice to leave a little more intensity for when you really crave it.
  • Explore the three main areas – Inside your pussy, your clit and your butt (if you like the idea of it). This is your toy and your body. Explore it in whatever way feels good to you. If you want to tickle your butt with it then go for it! If you want to fuck your pussy really hard with it then go for that as well. If you want soft gentle vibes on the tip of your clit then please do it and enjoy it. (I love doing all three of these by the way tee hee hee 😉 )
  • Relax and let your body tell you what it wants – When you first use a sex toy it might feel a bit strange. This is perfectly normal, just keep going and let the sensations in your body tell you what it needs to reach orgasm.
  • Practice makes perfect – Like every other skill, playing with toys gets better with practice…YIPPPEEEE! That means you need to spend a lot of time playing and each time you do it you will get better and better.

Using a vibe on your lady:

  • Get her in the mood – Women usually get turned on like a volume knob, slowly and gradually rather than an on/off switch like men. By using dirty talk, making her feel relaxed and giving her lots of foreplay you will have her begging you to use the vibe on her.
  • Tease her first and warm her up – Don’t dive straight in it, try to tease her a bit first. Maybe tickle her nipples with the toy. Try running it over her feet or up the inside of her thighs. This will build up the anticipation, the desire and sexual tension.
  • Be gentle at first – Ladies can be very sensitive, especially on the tip of their clitoris. So don’t turn the vibrations up too full and don’t apply too much pressure when you start using the toy on her pussy.
  • Explore the areas she will find sexiest – Run it up and down her pussy lips, tickle her ass with it, slide it inside her and use it on her clit.
  • Explore her g-spot – If you don’t know what or where the g-spot is read this link on G-spots
  • Anal play with a vibrator – Some ladies love having their ass stimulated or even fucked with a vibe. Two things to remember about this. Firstly only go there if she is cool with it. Secondly whenever doing any sort of anal play always use a lot of lube…The more the better!
  • Watch and listen to her signals – Women tend to give a lot of signals as to what they do and don’t like. Moans and groans, little hip wiggles, heavy breathing etc. If you can read these signals you can become a seriously good lover as this is the secret key to her deepest desires.
  • Increase the pressure, speed and intensity when you want her to cum – Turn up the vibe and move it faster. Do this gradually and watch to see if she enjoys it. You can even ask her if she likes it, but usually it will be very obvious.
  • If you struggle, give it to her, watch and learn – Using a vibe on a woman can be tricky at first. If you are not getting her horny, give her the toy and tell her to show you what she likes. Watch, learn and then try to do the same.
  • Practice makes perfect – Yes the more you do this the better you will get. By the way, if you ever want more sex or more blow-jobs the best thing to do is get very good at giving her orgasms and then she will be much more likely to repay the favor.

So now you know exactly how to use a vibe why not check out my sex toy shop and treat yourself or your lady to a new sex play toy or two…