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The Deep Spot: The Easiest Way to Give Any Woman a Vaginal Orgasm

The Deep Spot: The Easiest Way to Give Any Woman a Vaginal Orgasm

Easy to Learn, Powerful and Very Effective!

Note - This blog post is mainly written for people who want make women cum (guys and gals) but if you are a woman and have never experienced a deep spot orgasm please read on. Once you know what it is you can teach your lover a new exciting way to make you cum. (Maybe even send your lover a link to this blog post).

Before I go any further I need to give credit to a man called David Shade, it was from him that I learned about the deep spot (and a lot of other amazing techniques that I will save for another blog post)! David is a remarkable man, he rose from the ashes from a painful divorce to become one of the most skilled sex experts there is. The methods he teaches REALLY WORK and he has a free download that's well worth checking out on this link...

Some questions:

  • What is it?
  • How do you stimulate it?
  • What is so special about it?

What exactly is this secret spot?

It is a smooth frisbee shaped area, deep inside the woman’s vagina close to her cervix. It is sensitive enough to give powerful orgasms but not overly sensitive (like a clit just after orgasm). This means with firm regular stokes the deep spot can be used to give a woman powerful orgasms with NO CLITORAL STIMULATION again and again.

How do you stimulate it?

This technique is very simple but it does take a little bit of practice. Get your lady to lie on her back with her legs wide open and her knees bent. Insert your middle finger as deep as possible inside her and make a “come hither motion” almost as if you are trying to tickle the back of her belly button from the inside out. Try a few different areas until she starts to respond with pleasure and then just repeat until she cums.

The technique really is that simple but the reality is that you might find it a bit tiring at first. Your arm and finger night get a little achy! Don’t worry just keep practicing until you build up the stamina.

Also you will find she gets so horny she wriggles about a lot with pleasure making it hard to keep your finger on the magic spot. There is a simple solution to both these problems – Put your spare hand on her belly and push down towards your finger. This helps you keep your fingertip in the right place, it helps you when your fingers get tired and it also increases her pleasure (by allowing you to push harder).

Learn how to stimulate the deep spot

Make Her Orgasmic!

What is so special about the deep spot?

First of all it is the easiest and most effective way of giving a woman a vaginal orgasm. Most women think that they need clitoral stimulation to cum and by giving her a vaginal orgasm (with no clit stimulation) you will blow her mind.

Secondly, very few people know about this. So if you use this on a woman it will very likely be the first time she has experienced it.

Finally as the deep spot is not as sensitive as her clit, she can take repeated stimulation even while cumming. This means you can use it to give her very long, intense orgasms like she has never had before.

To find out more about the deep spot (and the other secret and immensely powerful techniques David teaches) - Check out this free download with some insane techniques to sky rocket your sexual skills!

It is real easy once you know how and you will soon have the power to make any woman cum harder than she ever has in her life! Also don't forget that women talk to each other, especially about great sex. if you get this skill mastered and do a good job on one lady, she will tell her friends and then guess what might happen..? ;-)

Have a good one!
PS - Don't forget to leave any comments or questions you have in the box below, I am here to help.

PPS - If you click on the David Shade link above he will give you a ton of amazing free stuff, he will also offer you the chance to buy some advanced sexual skills courses. I love his stuff and highly recommend it but of course feel free to just take the free bonuses and don't spend a dime, his free stuff is still well worth grabbing!

10 thoughts on “The Deep Spot: The Easiest Way to Give Any Woman a Vaginal Orgasm

  1. Great post Jack.
    Since I was first shown this amazing little internal love button I have never looked back.
    Guys trust me on this one, if you want to satisfy any woman guaranteed then you need to get this skill learned asap!
    Ladies, if your man doesn’t know the score on this one then you NEED to send him this link!
    Love Lola X

  2. Oh, wow I always knew that this spot existed buy I had no idea that it had a name and that all women had one. To be honest I thought it was just me!?! And yes it feels amazing when my man catches it with his fingers or his nice big cock!! :fuck:

  3. When I am being fucked from behind lying flat on my front, if the guy has a long cock and he knows the right angle he can hit my deep spot again and again, if he does in no time at all I will be having fully body orgasms! I love it!! Nice working on sharing the knowledge Jack this post is gonna make a lot of women very, very happy :-) Xxxxx xxx

    :fuck: :doggystyle: :69:

    • Just underbelly button you say.gonna try it right now..so enjoy some morning pokings amd have a great day..thanx :licking:

  4. Thanks for your feedback ladies! To be honest it is the legendary Mr David Shade that we should all be thanking for breaking this stuff down into such easy to follow steps! Please feel free to spread the word by sending a link to this post to anyone who you think might be interested. In my opinion the more orgasmic women the better!
    :good: :good: :good:

  5. I love the deep spot. Some of you might have heard of it before actually under another name. It's also called the a-spot sometimes, as an analog to the g-spot, since it is technically the anterior fornix.

  6. I had a GF who would sit on it and me, then maneuver herself until she hit that spot. I could always tell because she would go silent on me. She'd smile and just sit there. The scary part was she would stop breathing it was so intense. I miss doing that for her as we don't see each other anymore.

    My current GF and I have tried many positions to find that spot. There are times we have but she doesn't know what to do to let herself get off. We will keep trying but haven't been successful yet. B-)

  7. I have a black lover with a 9 1/2" thick curved cock who can get me off like crazy in the doggy position. I never knew there was a name for this, but I DO love it.

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