About Us

About Us

LolaLola Grace Falkner: I’m the boss around here and it amuses me to remind Jack of this at any opportunity I get. I’m also an exceptionally naughty redhead that lives well up to the stereotype of being feisty but fun. I love flirting, chatting, sharing secrets and dirty, sexy talk…
Do you feel lucky, punk?? Hehehe ;-)

I have really enjoyed using sexy sites for many years and I have met some really cool people through them. Jack and I want to create THE BEST SEXY COMMUNITY EVER and I know from previous adventures that when we put our minds together we succeed in whatever we do.

All you have to do is relax, enjoy the ride and open your mind to the endless possibilities of sexual fun and fantasy! Don’t worry if any of your secret desires feel scary that’s what I am here for. If you need to chat or open up then please drop me a line. I'm here to help you enjoy our community in any way you want!

I am your hostess and for me to be doing my job properly I need you to be playing, flirting and having as much naughty fun as your body and mind can take. Make sure you check out our free community. The community is where all the fun happens and the naughty tales we share together give me happy smiles and a warm sexy feeling as I tuck myself into bed.

PS - Just to get things clear Jack and I are business partners but we are NOT lovers! :-)

JackJack Hunter: I'm second in command here at Secret Erotica. My main job is to put up with Lola, and her annoying requests... Only kidding! ;)

Work-wise I'm here to look after all the techie and security aspects of the site and to keep a very close eye out in the community for spammers, trolls and aggressive idiots. Once I have tracked them down (Hunter by name, hunter by nature), I will be banning them from this site PERMANENTLY! (No excuses).

BUT its not all work, work, work - I'm also here to enjoy our community, chat and have fun with all our awesome members. I really care about the quality of this community and it is very important to both Lola and I that it's a great place for people to come and have sexy fun. If you have any questions, comments or just want to say Hi, please feel free to send me a PM via my profile, hit me up on Chat, or get in touch via the contact form.

BTW - If any of you want to know anything more personal about me, feel free to ask. I wont be sharing my deepest desires and confessions on this page (it's public and anyone can read it!) but behind the private members section of the community, the rules change and I can have much more fun, if you catch my drift lol. :)

Have a good one!

DominaDomina Doll: Lola and Jack have asked me to jump on board and be part of the in house blogging team. Check out my bio below to find out more about me.

Domina Doll, sex writer, sex toy reviewer, certified Sex Toy Loveologist (2013) and Sexpert Passion, Pleasure, Intimacy + Sexual Empowerment Coach.

Domina has worked in the sex toy industry for 6 years where she does content writing, product reviews and descriptions.

As a freelance writer, sex toy reviewer and sexpert, Domina specializes in adult content writing including adult articles on sexuality, sexual health, female sexuality, sex relationships, how-to's, and sex-ed content.  She has also written several sex guides: "Domina's Ultimate G Spot Guide", "How to Pleasure Your G-spot" and "Jillin' Off: A Girl's Guide to Solo Sex".

As a Sexpert Passion, Pleasure, Intimacy + Sexual Empowerment Coach, Domina personally works with women, men and couples to improve their love relationships by enhancing their sexuality and overcoming intimacy challenges.  Domina is passionate about mentoring women who desire to embrace their full sexual power and potential by teaching them self-love and empowerment so they can enhance their love relationships, find more intimacy and passion, as well as experience more pleasure and sexual ecstasy.

I look forward to sharing my blog posts and meeting you inside the community.

Happy Orgasms!