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If you're anything like us, then I'm sure you already know just how frustrating it can be when every story, every image and sometimes even every post has to be approved by some faceless moderator, before it *may* get published (if we would "consider toning it down a little"). What a pain, right?

Here, we do things a little differently ...

YOU choose what you want to publish and when - completely uncensored and raw. This is the primary reason why it is essential to sign up for your free membership and log-in to read this content. As a responsible adult community, we do not want this kind of content falling into the hands of minors, or immature people who may be "offended" by who we are and/or what we do - or even just write about.

What we (and you) choose to do behind closed doors is strictly OUR business!

Before Jack and I built this site from the ground up, the first thing we did was create our philosophy; a collection of values and goals that would direct all future work with the site and, in particular, our online community:

“We will build a site that is open-minded, fun to use, female friendly, sexy and exciting. It will be a welcoming interactive community that is safe, non-judgmental and supportive. We will provide informative, inspirational articles and blog posts to improve the sex lives of our users.”

That's precisely what we have created and exactly what
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