Plastic Pussies Hypocrisy!!!

Plastic Pussies Hypocrisy!!!

For years now and especially since Sex in the City promoted the Rampant Rabbit it has been cool for women to use sex toys to pleasure themselves. Now let me be very clear, I think this is a good thing. I am not complaining about it at all.

But what I do have an issue with, is that fact that in my experience it is not socially acceptable or “cool” for a man to use a sex toy on his own. Plastic cocks seem fine for women to play with but plastic pussies still carry a stigma of being uncool, or even worse sleazy or desperate.

Boys Sex ToysIf my experience is true and this is the case it begs the question as to why is it so? Why is it acceptable for women to fuck themselves silly with a plastic cock but not the same for a guy who wants to fuck the life out of a plastic pussy?

There seems to be a double standard going on here. Is it because we assume women use toys for masturbation out of choice? While guys only use them because they are needy and desperate? If so is this fair? I think not!

I think I am right about this. I think there is a certain stigma about men using adult toys for masturbation. But I also think that this might be starting to change.

There are more fashionable brands making plastic pussies for guys. Adding slick marketing and great design to a product that has been around for a very long time. As this continues, more guys will be tempted, some of them will even admit to their friends or their girlfriends that they own one and as this happens it will slowly become normal for guys to own them.

I certainly hope this is what happens. I don’t like gender based double standards and hypocrisy in either direction. I don’t like judgment or stigma around harmless and positive sexual behaviors. I also believe that as long as no one gets hurt the more people (male, female and transgender), exploring and experimenting with their sexuality in whatever way they choose the better the world will be!

So if you are a woman why not treat your man to a plastic pussy? If you are a man have you thought about giving one a go? If so would you tell your mates or your girlfriend about it?

(We stock them here in our store if you are interested...)

Let me know what you think in the comments section below I would love to know what you think about it?

Have a good one!
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18 thoughts on “Plastic Pussies Hypocrisy!!!

  1. It is common for men in the military and the armed forces to use adult toys, so I'm told. These guys serve apart from their loved ones often in remote theatres of war such as Afghanistan and (formerly) Iraq. I believe some of the devices are issued to serving staff by the military themselves. Of course such staff will also usually have access to porn to help themselves get off. Boots

  2. I do not that there is a certain stigma about men using adult toys for masturbation, in its self. It is more of a self-assurance with men; in that they think they are better at getting the women so do not need substitutes. Also for centuries women were looked on as the weaker sex needing men to take care of & provide for them. [An out dated & totally wrong idea] Giving raise to it being accepted that women need / have to use substitutes for relief.

  3. Doesn't bother me. I don't much listen to strangers' disapproval when it comes to masturbatory aids, sexy underwear, cock-sucking.... I think they should go and - don't get me wrong, OK - fuck themselves in happy peace in their own private beds. With satin sheets, if they like that.... Tain't no bidniss o mine - or theirs. :bye: :wacko: B-) :rose: :-) :whistle: :yes: :unsure: :69: :69-gay: :diddle: :diddle: :diddle: :fake-pussy:

  4. I agree with this post. A woman mentioning to a guy that she has a vibrator makes him think "wow this is sexy, we going to have some real fun" whereas a guy telling a woman he has this real feel plastic pussy to help him wank is more likely to elicit the "you sleazeball" response.
    Having a vibrator is almost a feminist statement and if you don't have one, why not? Having a plastic pussy brings up images to a lot of women of a guy in a sleazy bedsit hunched over a porn mag. there is a certain amount of hypocrisy about it. I'm not talking about the open minded folk you see on here but people out in the big wide world.

  5. My hubby bought one before we got married. He loved using it while we masturbated together. After we got married he used it when I wasn't home lol.

    I didn't mind at all. I love it when he uses it

  6. I believe that the double standard is that for a lot of men, they assume women use toys for masturbation or the woman is keeping herself ready for sex [no size problem / too tight or need to warm up]. That men / guys only use them because they are needy and desperate as they can on find relate to women.
    The “we going to have some real fun” comes from both parties are going to be starting from the same point on the sexual pleasure scale. Making the occasions of the man finishing while the woman is still on the up slope to release a lot less. With the chance of multi releases for the woman increased.

  7. I have to travel sometimes and I take one with me and sometimes when I'm packing my wife will say "Don't forget your pocket pussy dear"...we just laugh and then when I'm in the hotel room....we'll have phone sex and we'll tell each other we have someone with us and we'll talk about what those people are doing to us...it's quite a hot conversation the ends in massive orgasms!!!

  8. I tried one once and didn't really like it. Rosy and imagination is pretty darn good. I don't think many women really have a hang up with them. I think its more of a public view sort of thing. It sort of goes both ways in that sense. Say a guy was in a hotel room pulling one off looking at a porno and someone walked in on him it wouldn't be that big of a deal. But if it was a woman everyone would be talking about it.

  9. Ive toyed(pun intended) with the idea of buying one, but for the price they charge Im skeptical to buy one just in case I dont like it.
    Plus I imagine there is a lot more cleaning to do than just a tissue wipe of my cockhead.

  10. I bought one for my husband similar to the one pictured. I love to watch him thrust his cock in and out of it. It's a huge turn on and makes him feel so good. It doesn't take long to make him cum since it's so tight and ribbed inside.

  11. I've never had one or even bought a male sex toy. Always bought things for the women in my life but when alone my hands are good enough. Might look into it though but I do think that stigma is there for some

  12. The only time I tried one it left my cock red and sore even though I used a lot of lube. I should add that I've got a foreskin and the tip of my prick, which is moderately large, is a bit sensitive around the edge of the glans. None the less years of masturbation by myself and others haven't done any harm. Any advice on brands or types for better solitary pleasure in the future?

  13. I'm quite sure the military does not provide toys for soldiers of either gender, unless you stretch the definition to include their lax attitude towards rape. I have a grandson who is a product of a military rape. Thanks to all you patriotic young ladies, your service is far greater than most will ever know!

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