Glass Dildos & Vibrators

Glass Dildos & Vibrators

Everything you need to know

While glass toys have been around for a long time, they are still something a lot of people have not heard of. Even fewer have actually bought one or two and had a play with them!

Check out this list of the most common questions we get about them and then find out the answers below…

  1. Are they really made of glass?
  2. Are they safe to use?
  3. What is so good about them?
  4. Where can I buy them from and how much do they cost?
  5. Can I buy glass vibrators?

Are they really made of glass? – Yes as the name suggests they are made of glass. You might have heard of Pyrex (often used in cooking dishes that are oven and microwave safe). Most are usually made using Pyrex or a similar grade and quality of glass.

Are they safe to use? – Yes all our sex toys our extensively tested. They are also really easy to clean and hypo-allergenic so they can be much better to use than some other sex toys.

What is so good about them? – First of all they are very easy to keep super clean. They can be sterilized using boiling water unlike any sort of plastic toy.

Also because they are so rigid and hard (do those two words sound like good features in a sex toy? ;-) ), you can use them to hit exactly the right spot. Plastic dildos and vibes sometimes have a bit of give in them when put under pressure which means you might miss that important spot, or not be able to hit it with enough pressure. You wont have any such issues with glass toys. They are super accurate and very, very firm!

Finally they can easily be warmed up or cooled down to create some exciting new sensations that you wont get with standard sex toys. Trust me this is a LOT of fun!

Can I buy glass vibrators? – Yes of course! (Isn’t modern technology amazing!).

Where can I buy them from and how much do they cost? –  You can buy them by visiting our sex toy store here… They range in price from fifteen dollars to one hundred and fifty so you have plenty to chose from!

So, why not treat yourself to a luxury glass sex toy…You deserve it!

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