Ejaculation Control: Tips and Advice on How to Last Longer

Ejaculation Control: Tips and Advice on How to Last Longer

Lean how to delay ejaculation and put a smile on her face!

  • Do you have trouble controlling when you cum?
  • Would you like to learn how to last longer?
  • Would you like to be able to give your woman vaginal orgasms when you are fucking her?

(Ladies if your man cums too quickly send him a link to this blog post and lets get him sorted out!)

First the bad news, then the good news and then I’ll share a link with you that might just change your sex life forever.

The bad news – There is no magic pill, silver bullet or instant cure that will solve your premature ejaculation problems with no effort.

The good news – There are some short-term solutions that will help you out a lot and in the long term (with a small amount of practice) you can learn how to get complete control of when you cum.

This blog isn’t the right place to go into every single technique to help you control your ejaculation but I will share two with you right now. One is a short term fix and one a longer term suggestion then, like I said I’ll give you a link with tons more great more info. (Or just click here if you are impatient and want to skip straight to the advanced stuff!)

Quick side note – Until you get this issue handled I suggest adopting the “she cums first rule”. If your lady gets to cum she is much less likely to care about how long you last. This one simple rule will save you a lot of performance anxiety and that in itself can help you last longer.

Short-term fix – Delay condoms. They really do work. They contain a small amount of de-sensitizing gel in the tip of the latex. This gel slows down the arousal process so it takes longer to cum. As a quick fix they are great but they are far from perfect. The gel de-sensitizes your cock, which means less pleasure. They can also make it hard to cum as your dick can be too desensitized!

Longer-term fix – Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises can help you get better control of your premature ejaculation, they take a bit of work and practice but they are a better solution than delay condoms. The exercises strengthen your PC muscles and these muscles can stop you from cumming too quickly.

How to do kegel exercises – Step one, every time you take a leak stop mid-flow (ideally five times per leak). Step two, practice contracting your PC muscles. You do this by flexing the muscles that lift your ball sack up and down. Do this every day until the muscles feel tired and soon you will notice improvements in your stamina.

Both these two tips will give you some improvement in your ejaculation control BUT THERE IS MUCH MORE TO LEARN.

If you want to discover some ninja-like secrets and advanced techniques to help you last longer.
If you want to put them into action and get complete control over exactly when you cum.
If you want to have the power to give a woman intense vaginal orgasms and total sexual satisfaction just from fucking her.

My new buddy Lester has created a ton of great info telling you step by step exactly how to get complete control of your ejaculation.

Learn how to get control of your ejaculation here...

Have a good one!
PS - Feel free to hit me up with any questions you have using the comments box below. I am always happy to help and get notified every time anyone posts a comment on here so it won't take me long to get back to you. Make sure you also subscribe to comments so that you get notified of my reply. :good:

10 thoughts on “Ejaculation Control: Tips and Advice on How to Last Longer

  1. I started doing kegel exercise...I would do them on the bus, when watching the tv and whilst wanking. I do them all the time and noticed a massive increase in my ability to control my orgasm very quickly.

  2. Another great blog post @jack, well done love. I know it sounds harsh but from a female point of view it is so disappointing when a man cums way, way to quickly! Especially when there are both simple and more advanced solutions for him to learn. :yes:
    Guys, good luck with this, please post in the comments below if you need any advice from a woman’s POV...

    Love Lola X

    • Lola, I'm new here. So I'm trying to get into the GROOVE so to speak. I is nice that women make comments on the various topics, it lets us fellas know what to woman's view on things are. The quick CUM Curse
      Was plagued me , I'm 49 now , I've got to where I'd rather my
      Partner get pleased instead of me. These tips HELP with the problem greatly. Thanks. Al

  3. I had a BF once who couldn’t last inside me for more than a few seconds EVER! I loved him but it was really, really difficult to stay with him as sex is so important and he was so very fucking bad at it :-(

  4. Thanks ladies, I couldn't agree more, if guys just learn and then practice a few simple tips on how to last longer then their (and their lady's) sex lives would be so much better. Keep the comments coming by the way it inspires me to write more blog posts.
    :good: :good: :good:

    • Hey jack i had a question for you that is bringing me down a little.. I have multiple piercings in my prince(3)and they had made me extra sensitive(i can cum quick)how do i desensitize my prince to last longer....

  5. I like the "She cums first" rule. As long as she cums, it doesn't matter if I do or not, even though it does not take much to make me do so. As long as she is enjoying the whole process and not faking, that is what it is all about.

  6. Randle Williams

    Kegel exercises do work well and both partners benefit greatly. I love making my gal cum real good and will do whatever I can for her and besides that, I love to fuck.

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