Welcome to The Secret Erotica Blog

Welcome to The Secret Erotica Blog

The Secret Erotica Blog - Unleash Your Hidden Desires!Before we start, let me introduce you to the SecretErotica.com team...

Firstly there is Lola (@lola). She is the boss around here! Don't worry, she is lovely, but be warned if you upset her you will regret it..! ;-)

My name is Jack (@jack). I'm second in command, I look after the technical geekery that goes on in the background, so you get the best possible experience from this site and our community.

We are both active members of the community. We will be there to have fun, flirt and chat with you and talk about sex, fantasies and erotica. BUT, more importantly, we are there to look after you! Our promise to you is that we will provide a safe place for you to explore your fantasies and desires, away from trolls, bullies, creeps and weirdos!

Let me be very clear about this:

Our goal in life is to create the sexiest, most fun, most awesome fantasy community the Internet has ever seen!

If you are interested in sex, desire, fantasy and erotica AND you know how to treat people with respect you are very, very welcome.

If you are a troll, a bully or an angry person who thinks it’s acceptable to behave aggressively towards other people, you are NOT welcome. Don’t waste your time by joining, as soon as you misbehave you will be blocked for life.

When Lola and I created Secret Erotica, the first thing we did was create a philosophy, a collection of values and goals that would direct all future work with Secret Erotica:

"We intend to build a website that is open minded, fun to use, female friendly, sexy and exciting.
It will be a welcoming interactive community that is safe, non-judgmental and supportive. We will provide informative, inspirational articles and blog posts to improve the sex lives of our users."

Note - Why female friendly? Of course men are very welcome but we want to make sure women feel safe here. Women find it hard to find a sexy place online where they don’t get harassed. Unfortunately there are some very angry and/or creepy men online trawling through all the adult communities and creating bad vibes. (THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN HERE!) So we embedded into our ethos from day one the idea that if we create a great place for women to be sexy then not only will the women benefit from this but also the men.

The Blog

This blog is going to be a lot of fun! Both Lola and I will be using it to let our hair down, chat and express our more personal experiences, opinions and advice. We are both passionate about experiencing and encouraging great sex lives, both for ourselves and our community, so we will keep an eye out for any cutting-edge information and share it with you here. We will also be featuring blogs from some of our most trusted and valuable members. We feel it's only right that those who contribute to our site get the opportunity to share their own thoughts and passions.

Lola and I hope you are as excited about this new sexy community as we are. If so, and you would like to help build something really special then here's a couple of things you can do to help...

1. Share this blog post with anyone you think might be interested.
2. Hook up with us on Twitter, Facebook, Lola’s personal Facebook and G+ to stay in touch.
3. Tell everyone and anyone about this website.
4. Most importantly of all go and enjoy the community!
4. The best thing you can do is jump right in, get involved, and have lots of fun!

That’s about it for our first ever blog post. Feel free to have a good look around the site, we have a ton of interesting articles on sex and fantasies for you to enjoy.

To get the most out of the site, why not Sign Up Now for Your Own FREE Membership to the Sexiest Community Online!

... And if you have any comments or questions, please add them using the form below. (They will go live once they have been approved).

Thanks for reading. Click here to read the latest posts on the blog.

Have a good one!

13 thoughts on “Welcome to The Secret Erotica Blog

  1. @lola and @jack - You have obviously put a lot of work into this site. I am very exited about it for you even though I'm afraid I will be spending way more time here than I should. Here's virtual encouragement for continued success. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks jack. I love what you guys are doing and the open welcome. I had many true stories on EP which were removed. Soon I will rewrite them here for folks. At least I can feel accepted here and I appreciate that as many others do. Best wishes, and Lola, Your great!

  3. Well done, Jack and Lola. Thank you for the support you have visibly shown to the female membership here at Secret Erotica. I created a banner that I have in the signature portion of my email That sits above the other site where I help out and post much of my artwork. The banner can be made available to any member here. I believe I already posted it.

  4. It's been months since I've read this as well so thank you for bringing it up to everyone's attention! It's so important for women to feel safe and secure while bringing their playful sides out for fun! This site has been a wonderful place for me to grow and challenge myself sexually, but with my writing as well. Thank you both @lola & @jack for opening this site!
    Every time I get on there seem to be more things to explore among the friendships I've made!

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