Sex Tips for Women

Sex Tips for Women

10 Great Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Whether your sex life is boring, average or out of this world, there is always room for improvement. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn some tips to make sure your one night stands are amazing. Or to cement the bond of your relationship, it is vital that you constantly try and improve on whatever level your sex life is currently at. I’ve put together ten great sexy tips for women that will give you food for thought, new things to try and the possibility of taking your sexual escapades to a whole new level of fun, excitement and horny-ness!

Learn how to have vaginal orgasms – The majority of women rely on clitoral stimulation to give them orgasms. While this is great, vaginal orgasms are (for most women) both more intense and more satisfying than clitoral. Find out where your G-spot is and learn how to stimulate it in a way that will get you off. G-spot vibrators can be a big help with this and so can lots of practice (I hope that sounds like fun? ;-) ). Don’t believe the hype that the G-spot doesn’t exist or you can’t have vaginal orgasms. Virtually all women can cum from vaginal stimulation so get practicing and see what happens.

Learn how to squirt – The next step up from learning vaginal orgasms is having a squirting orgasm. The first thing you need to know is that squirting isn’t urinating. The fluid that is ejaculated is not urine so don’t worry about it! You know that feeling you get sometimes? The one where you feel like you need to pee (when you are about to cum) as you are being fucked or fingered? That feeling is your body telling you it wants to squirt. If you can force that feeling into exploding, as you cum you will squirt and it will feel amazing! Your man will love this and it will give you a full body orgasm more intense than anything you’ve experienced before.

Top tip - to make the orgasm even more powerful, work on your Kegel exercises and the intensity will go up and up.

Get good at talking dirty – Talking dirty can be great for both you and your man. You talking to him, him talking to you or both of you joining in with the fun, its all good! Use filthy words and explore your desires together, don’t be shy just go for it!

Share your fantasies – We all have secret little stories, themes and fantasies that we think about to get ourselves off when we are on our own. Accept this as not something scary but a great addition to your sex life and that is exactly what it will become! Sharing your fantasies, role-playing them or trying them out in the real world can all be super horny, super fun and super exciting. Go for it…You know you want to!

Dress up – One thing is for sure; virtually all men love their women to dress up in outfits, uniforms and sexy lingerie. Just by doing this one small thing you can enhance you sexual fun dramatically. But its not just good for your man, by dressing up, you can change your mood, take on different characters and explore your own sexual fantasies as well as blowing his mind!

Try sex outdoors – Sex outdoors is great fun. The thrill of maybe getting caught. The excitement of being somewhere new. The erotic sensations that you encounter. All of these factors mean if you don’t already enjoy sex in public places you should think of trying it asap!

Teach your man – If you aren’t having the sex life you dream of it might be that your man needs some guidance. Talk to him. Teach him how to please you, explain that this will make it better for him as well as for you and see if he improves. If he doesn’t improve you might need a new man!

Experiment with bondage – From the milder tie and tease to the more hardcore whips and chains, there is a level of bondage for everyone. You in control or your man in control, play around, have fun and enjoy the process!

Stop worrying and start fucking – Most women tend to worry about how good they look in bed. Most guys tend to worry about how well they perform in bed. Neither is helpful and neither is necessary. Practice letting go of your concerns. We all have wobbly bits and he won't care about them anywhere near as much as you do. Just get into the moment and your sex life will be so much better!

Break up the routine and fuck anywhere you can – Bedrooms are great; they are private, comfy, cozy and familiar. But they can get a bit routine if you’re not careful. Fuck in the car, in hotels, on the beach and anywhere else you can think of. The more you do this the more varied and exciting your sex life will be.

Bonus tip – Read the fantasies on this website and then share your own. Reading and sharing your fantasies is a great way to get you horny. It gives you lots of new ideas and teaches you how to improve your sex life until it is better than you ever imagined!
Check out the fantasies community section of this website to get started here…

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